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Savings Account
Members start their credit union membership with a share savings account. There is no membership fee.

Checking Account
Is Simply Free! There is no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service charges. You also receive a Visa debit card.

Dream Builder Share Certificate
Designed to allow you to save money gradually and conveniently, beginning with as little as $5.

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The difference between Credit Unions and Banks
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Too Scared To Check Your Credit Score?
You hear a lot of talk about credit scores, and sometimes the thought of checking your score is really frightening, especially if you’ve had some stumbles along the way. However knowing your score is one of the best things you can do for your financial future. It can help you negotiate better interest rates or guide you towards making improvements in your money management. If you are nervous, the thing to think about it that you’ll finally know the truth. If you get back the number and it’s ...